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“I love my wedding photos! Out of all the vendors I had on my wedding day, Max was without a doubt the best. His passion for photography shines through his lens with every shot. His work is absolutely amazing! He truly captured all the love and happiness we felt that day.” Stephanie A. (Bride)bride hotel


“Max is an amazing artist! My husband and I recently had Maximilian B. Nucci Studio as our wedding photographer. We love Max!! He does amazing work, producing beautiful pictures and lasting memories. He is noninvasive during the wedding and knows exactly what shots he wants to get. He is a true artist. We look forward to working with him on our wedding album.” -Sarah S. (Bride)


“Max did an excellent job! I planned my wedding from 600 miles away and Max was so helpful with everything. Any questions or concerns that we had, Max and Lucia got back to us quickly. Our pictures are incredible. Everyone that has seen them thinks they could be out of a magazine. Max is very funny and easy to work with which helps take the awkwardness out of having your picture taken a million times. He is also not rude, which was important to me since my husband and I have both been in weddings with rude/pushy photographers. Max has a great eye and takes beautiful photos. We are so impressed and glad that we were able to work with him.” -Ria S. (Bride)


“Max was the best choice we made! My husband and I can't say enough about Max and his team. From the very fist meeting to discuss packages and through the design our album, both Max a Lucia have been beyond attentive to us. Aside from their outstanding courtesy and professionalism, the photos are absolutely breathtaking; all of our guests who have viewed our online gallery have not stop talking about how amazing the photos truly are. I still tear up when I view the slideshow preview Max put together for us!! Max did an amazing job ensuring that the best shots were taken, all while keeping us on time. We were dead set on getting to our cocktail hour on time, and thanks to Max, we arrived right on schedule without compromising a single shot! Once at the reception, Max stayed with us until the final song. He was with us for a total of 12 hours!!! We would like to thank Max and his team from the bottom of our hearts for the truly amazing experience they have given us. We will be able to relive our special day for years to come with the phenomenal photos he has taken for us.” -Keilah F. (Bride)

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“I can't stop looking at my photos!!! Working with Max and Lucia has been quite a pleasure. Lucia is very sweet and responsive. Whenever I had a question or concern, she always returned the call or answered my email right away. Max’s work is absolutely stunning. All you need to do is check out his website and/or Facebook page to understand just how beautifully he captures all those great moments of that special day. I remember looking at wedding pictures on his website and hoping that mine would turn out just as beautiful and unique. Let me tell you, I was speechless when I viewed my pictures. From the black & whites, to the color, to the different angles, Max captured every special moment, every tear, every smile. The pictures are just breath taking. I went with the photojournalism style solely because I like the idea that Max would just hang out in the background and capture all the candid shots. I personally didn’t want the formal photo shoots, but that was my preference. It went very smoothly and Max was funny and professional throughout the entire day. He also knew how to take order on some rowdy bridal party members which was very helpful to me!!! Price is very reasonable for the packages offered. Do yourself a favor and meet with Max for a consultation. Once you see his photos, slideshows, and albums, you would be extremely satisfied and want to book MAXIMILIAN B. NUCCI PHOTOGRAPHY!!! -Heather M. (Bride)

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“Amazing! I have nothing but great things to say about Max and his services! He suggested we do an engagement session and initially we thought we could do without one, but it turned out to be a great experience and helped us to get ready for the big day! The session allowed us to get familiar with Max and his photographing style (at times dancing to get us to laugh naturally, lol) as well as become comfortable taking pictures with each other. On the big day I was completely stressed and worried about everything, but Max was calm and in control. He had wedding tips about everything, even down to what to do with those strings inside the wedding dress! It rained on the day of our wedding, but Max made the pictures work despite the weather. The pictures were up on line very quickly, about 2 days later, and they turned out better than I could have imagined. I can't stop looking at them! Thank you Max for doing such an amazing job!” -Andrea B. (Bride)Brooklyn Wedding

“From our first meeting with Max he was very helpful and honest. From his over 13 years of experience, he was able to tell us things that we would have never thought of. Our pictures were beautiful and he made sure that all of the focus was on the bride and groom, no matter how many other crazy things were going on around us. It was one of the easiest parts of planning my wedding.” -Meg W. (Bride)Veiled Romance

“I can't say enough about the services that Max provided. He was extremely helpful and understanding, especially since my husband and I had to change our wedding date. He went above and beyond what any photographer was willing to do. He captured all of the important moments without my having to point it out to him. Even after the wedding, there was one picture that I wanted but had not mentioned to Max and he was able to create the exact photo that I wanted and I was well pleased with his efforts. When it comes time to take my pregnancy photos, he is the one I will call and trust to do the job right!!” -Mary K. (Bride)

"I am a true believer that images are worth a thousand words; they communicate emotions and tell a story. In my experience, what better way to capture it than with Maximilian Nucci. Max captured the essence of my wedding with such quality and uniqueness. To me, when one looks through my wedding album I want them to feel the way I felt that day. I want them to feel the emotions I felt; happiness, love and devotion. The happiness when I was getting ready to put my dress on, the feeling of walking to my limo with my father and mother. The love I felt when my father kissed me before giving my hand to my husband. The way I felt when looking at my husband when walking through those church doors. Devotion, that look when you stare into your husbands eyes when toasting. These are the most important things, these are the things that need to be remembered. Max helped the world stop and stare at those moments. He let those moments stand still for me forever. I highly recommend Max. He was a pleasure to work with from the day I met him to the day I picked up my album. He was able to make, "the happiest day of my life," freeze. Working with Max was an extraordinary experience, for he became apart of my "big fat Greek Wedding." -Sarah W. (Bride)Bride Groom Blue Sky


“Max is a fantastic photographer!! It helped a lot that we had such a brilliant and upbeat photographer...Max. In all sincere honesty, we could not have asked for a better person to capture all the beautiful moments during our ceremony and reception. Max is a wonderful photographer and was constantly doing things that would make us laugh and just have an even better time. He was VERY accommodating and always made sure to fulfill whatever requests we had, even during the day of the wedding. He provided us with a WIDE range of various types of photos including different textures, tones, colors, and angles of the shots he took. While we were looking online at the pictures he took, my husband and I were just in absolute awe of the fantastic shots that were taken and we were so incredibly pleased at how well everything was done and the fact that Max was always on top of things. Not only does Max take amazing photographs, but he also wastes no time in getting the pictures up online for people to see...we were looking at all of ours only THREE days after our wedding. If you're planning a wedding in the Hudson Valley, I HIGHLY recommend Maximilian B. Nucci Photography as the person you go to. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed in any way.” -Anna M. (Bride)


“Beautiful pictures and GREAT people!! I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Max and Lucia :-) I actually found Max through reviews that I read online through various wedding websites. I loved the examples of the pictures that I found online and on his own website. Every time I looked at other photographers pictures online, I found myself comparing them to Max's. I ALWAYS went back to his pictures. So within the first two or three weeks of my engagement, I had set up an appointment with Max. When I met him, I KNEW he was the photographer for us. He is really personable and funny and his work is even more beautiful in person!! The albums he showed us were absolutely gorgeous. We signed with him right then and there!! I had a lot of contact with Lucia, who was my contact person, via email...she always got back to me VERY quickly when I emailed her with any questions I may have had. We had a great engagement photo session a few months before we got married. The pictures were beautiful and Max had them up online within a few days. I thought the engagement session was a great way to get use to having my pictures was like a run through before the day of the wedding....and I definitely felt much more comfortable on the day of the wedding. We had a few more conference calls with both Max and Lucia in the weeks before the wedding to make sure we had everything in order. They made it so easy for the day of the wedding. And on our wedding day, Max was fantastic!! He brought another photographer with him who was also wonderful. They were amazingly easy to work with and were creative in the shots that they took of us. We only got married two weeks ago and we already have the proofs online to go through. The pictures are gorgeous and I'm seeing how hard it is going to be to narrow down the ones we want in our album. I would HIGHLY recommend Max to any bride to be!! He and Lucia are amazing!! You get really sweet, caring, and professional people and gorgeous photos to remember your big day!! Thanks Max and Lucia!! You are fantastic!!” -Jessica S. (Bride)Wedding Ring on Finger

“Max captured our wedding wonderfully. Picking him as our photographer was the perfect choice. Our pictures turned out so beautiful and really capture the entire day. He took over 700 pictures and everyone is better then the next. He was very easy to work with and made my husband and I feel very comfortable. The second photographer that came with Max was also wonderful. We would highly recommend them to anyone!”  -Jennifer A. (Bride)never look back